Account Types

Tier 1: Guest Account

  • Server generates virtual account when a new player installs the game.
  • New player does not have to log in to play.
  • Account linked to device.
  • Player can earn Off-Chain Asset rewards only.
  • Player can provide their email to upgrade to Tier 2.

Tier 2: Email Account

  • Use “Email + Password” to log in.
  • Account can be shared between multiple devices.
  • Player can earn Off-Chain Asset rewards only.
  • More in-game purchasing options, but can’t mint as On-Chain Assets.
  • Player can link account to crypto wallet to upgrade to Tier 3.

Tier 3: Wallet Account

  • Account links to both email and wallet address.
  • Use “Email + Password” to log in, but sometimes need to sign digital signatures with their crypto wallet.
  • Player can earn both Off-Chain Assets and On-Chain Assets.
  • Player can mint assets as ERC tokens and withdraw to their wallet.
  • All advanced NFT features will require this account tier.