What is CryptoKnights?

In one word, CryptoKnights is a game in which two medieval Knights bash each other with Swords. The combat is performed real-time, but actions are made by playing Cards. It is thus a hybrid of Real-Time Fighting Game and Digital Collectible Card Game.

Free to Play

Anyone can download the game and start playing. CryptoKnights will feel like a traditional free mobile game to a traditional gamer. However, as the player progresses through the game, it should be apparent that opting into the blockchain ecosystem will bring a much enhanced experience for them.

Blockchain Integration

CryptoKnights allows in-game assets to be transferred between the game and blockchains. Those assets will be in the form of, in common understanding, cryptocurrencies (RUBY) and NFTs (Knights, Skins and more).

We aim to be a multichain game, meaning that the assets can exist on multiple blockchains, so as to interact with different cryptoassets on those blockchains.

Play to Earn?

One can view CryptoKnights as a Play to Earn game (P2E), similar to other well-known blockchain games like Axie Infinity. However, with a combat system based on playing Cards, we like to see CryptoKnights as more of a Trading Card Game like Gods Unchained, where value is created via trading Cards and items.

Another core concept of CryptoKnights is that the in-game assets are upgradable. Knights can level up, Cards can be combined, items can be enhanced. The NFTs a player holds go up in value over time. The cryptocurrency income is only a miniscule part of the game economy.

Therefore a better description of CryptoKnights should be Play to Build! Or, Play to Buidl.


Since the main introduction of value is not from earning in-game currencies but from of building assets, wealth can be created by the players in ways even the game developers could not have foreseen, making the game economy more sustainable and not relying on new players keep joining the ecosystem.

Advanced Financialization of Assets

CryptoKnights is heavily inspired by DeFi (Decentralized Finance), assets are designed to be compatible with DeFi instruments. We introduce new methods for NFT rental, scholarship, options, royalty split, AMMs (Automated Market Makers), and more.

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