Off-Chain Assets

Off-Chain Assets are in general consumable items in the game that hold less economic value and is thus more suitable to be hosted purely on the server. Players can still have an enjoyable gaming experience with only off-chain assets. They include:


The in-game currency that runs only on the Server Layer. Can be earned easier than RUBY, the other in-game currency that is a ERC20 token. GOLD is generally used to purchase other Off-Chain Assets.


Shards are consumed to upgrade, or, "Limit Break", Weapons and Armors in the game.

Shards may become an On-Chain Asset in the future and serve as the second token in CryptoKnights.


Artifacts are blind boxes that can be opened to receive items.


Banners are cosmetic items that decorate your name when a fight starts.


Wallpapers can be used as the background scenery of the player's home page.

Chat Windows

Chat Windows are used to change the shape and color of the chat box when a player speaks.

Unminted On-Chain Assets

Items that haven't been minted and withdrawn onto the player's wallet as ERC tokens.

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