PvP Versus

PvP Versus matches players with each other. It is the main way for Knights to level up and earn items. Knights are matched based on their level, the power of their items, and the PvP Score of the player.
The winning Knight earns EXP and can level up; the losing Knight loses EXP! If a Knight loses too much EXP, they cannot play PvP Versus until they recover their EXP to a certain degree.
If a player wins with a CryptoKnight (on-chain Knight), they earn additional RUBY rewards. This is one of the "Play & Earn" aspect of the game.
Earning PvP Scores, GOLD, EXP, and RUBY from a Victory!
Losing EXP in a Defeat!
Getting locked out after losing too much EXP!

Story Mode (Campaign)

Story Mode is the PvE Campaign. The Knight embarks on an epic journey, defeat enemies, complete challenges, level up, and earn rewards.
Knights that lose too much EXP cannot participate in Story Mode until they recover.
A Knight's Journey
Battle with enemies on the way and earn rewards.

Custom Match

Friends can set a Custom Match to fight each other.
Custom Match allows observers to watch the match real-time!
A use case of this game mode is to set up matches for Esports Tournaments.
A friendly match in Custom Match!

Boss Fight (Coming Soon)

Members of a Clan team up to fight a Boss. The Boss has a lot of Health.
The Clan with the most scores will be on the Leaderboard and win prizes.

Tournament (Coming Soon)

Tournaments are where Clans compete with each other.
A Player faces an opponent that might be from any clan participating in this tournament.
Clans and Players with the most scores will be on the Leaderboard and win prizes.