Monet.Market Offers a Secondary Marketplace for NFTs

CryptoKnights targets as its main secondary marketplace, although CryptoKnights' NFTs are ERC721 compatible and can be listed on any NFT marketplace.

Sellers can list their NFTs for sale similar to other marketplaces such as OpenSea or LooksRare.

Fixed Price Sales offers Fixed Price Sales, obviously.

English Auctions offers English Auctions where buyers bid for an individual NFT and the highest bid wins.

Dutch Auctions offers Dutch Auctions where the sell price drops with time until someone buys it.

Royalty Pool as Automated Market Maker for NFTs

Royalty Pools are DAOs that automatically buy an NFT when it is in their target price range. It can thus be seen as an Automated Market Maker (AMM) for NFTs.

Rental Market provides a Rental Market for NFTs. The two parties in the rental agreement can set the terms of the rental deal. That includes fixed price rent and revenue split.

On-Chain Scholarship

Since Rental Market offers revenue split for NFTs, it can be used by guilds as a tool to offer On-Chain Scholarship. This is a trustless and decentralized new business model.

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