Rules for Castles

  • A Watch costs 10x the price of minting a Knight NFT to mint.
    • The price of minting a new Knight is (The Total Amount of Knights / 100), priced in USD stablecoins.
    • We will premint 1,000 "Genesis Knights" at launch, therefore a new Knight will cost 10 USD to mint at start, putting a Watch at 100 USD to mint at start.
  • Each Castle can own up to 4% of the total Knight supply.
  • There can only ever be 7 Citadels and 21 Castles.
  • When a Castle reaches the required Knight amount, the owner can pay a Construction Fee to upgrade it.
  • Castle owners receive a chunk of the Royalties when the Knights that belongs to that Castle gets traded on the open market.
  • Castle owners can mint Knights from the Castle with a discount.
  • Castles can impose a tax on its Knights. They can set the tax rate for part of those Knights' earnings to go to the Castle.
  • Castle owners can choose to allow other people to mint Knights from that Castle. The owner receives a chunk of the minting fee.
  • Each Castle tier will have special features.
  • Castles can merge.
  • A Citadel can downgrade if a Castle surpasses it in Knight amount. In this case, the Castle pays Upgrade Fee to the Citadel that gets downgraded.
  • We can gift Castles to players.
    • We take Zeref Hooga for example. Zeref won an Alpha Castle in a tournament during beta. He will receive the actual Castle as the game officially launches.
    • Zeref Hooga's Castle starts as a Castle, but has to start from 0 Knights. It gets 500 free mints, but still has to follow the 4% rule.
  • For guild partners, we offer them Castle presales. They get the same deal as the one Zeref gets as mentioned above.
    • Assuming the Castle has 500 free mints.
    • Since Castles can only own 4% of the total Knight supply, there has to be 12,500 Knights in circulation for any Castle to reach 500 Knights.
    • Assuming a Castle owner mints whenever she could, the cost of minting a Knight would start from 10 USD and end at 125 USD when the 500th Knight is minted from this Castle.
    • Assuming RUBY price stays stable at 0.1 USD (which it should not. RUBY price should go up if Knights get minted.)
    • The Castle owner would have spend approximately 33,750 USD to mint 500 Knights, 100 USD to mint a Watch, 9,200 USD to upgrade her Watch all the way up to a Castle. That makes the cost to build a Castle up from scratch 43,050 USD.
    • Note: the estimation above is assuming the Castle owner gets in everything first. Any other Castle would cost a lot more to build.