Win Condition

To win a round, the opponent's HP has to go to zero.

To win a match, the Knight has to beat the opponent in a best of 3.


Use the arrow keys on the bottom left of the screen to approach or retreat from the opponent.


Play from the 4 Cards in hand which are shown on the bottom right.

The Actions are performed real-time. This is not a turn-based card game.

Once a Card is played, draw a new Card (the grey Card marked "NEXT").

There are 8 cards in total in a player's Card deck.


Cards are categorized by their background color:

  • Red: Attack

  • Blue: Defend

  • Green: Heal

  • Yellow: Special

  • Purple: Special

The numbers shown on the top of the Cards are the Stamina it consumes.


Stamina is used to play Cards. It is shown as a bar below your hand of Cards.

Stamina regenerates automatically. The maximum Stamina is 10. The state of the Knight will affect it's regeneration speed.

For example, when a Knight is attacking its opponent, its Stamina regenerates slower; when the Knight is standing still, its Stamina regenerates faster.


The Health Bars are located at the top of the screen under the players' names.


A small Endurance Bar is shown below a Health Bar. It is by default 2 Endurance.

Endurances are depleted from a Knight when it is attacked while performing an attack card.

When a Knight's Endurance is 0, its attack will be cancelled by the opponent's attack.

The Endurance Bar takes time to automatically recharge. Then the Knight can resume attacking the opponent while being attacked.


The Timer is located between the two Health Bars.

The Timer starts at 60 seconds. When it reaches 0, the fight enters Overtime Phase, both Knights start losing health each second.

Overtime Phase lasts for 20 seconds. When it reaches 0, the Knight with more health wins.

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